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What Are Love Spells? (We Find Out)

Have you ever noticed how important love is for us? It has always been a crucial part of the human experience. It’s what we all want and fights for. No wonder magic and spiritual practices, also vital to our life, have often dedicated spells and rituals to love. But what are love spells, and how they even work? How are they supposed to bring love to us?

A love spell is a manifestation of romantic, sexual, and affective feelings concerning love brought about by magic. It’s a way to connect one’s desires to the Universe and convey them to the world. In doing so, they can strengthen bonds, enable favorable situations for love, and attract feelings of passion to someone.

There are many kinds of love spells for many purposes and using many casting methods. This article will guide you through it and explain all you need to know about love spells, but if you want to know more, contact Mama Anne to understand how to cast the perfect love spell!

Understanding The Basics Of Love Spells

Love spells are intended to manipulate the art of attraction. But don’t be fooled by how easy they sound. Love spells only work when the two people in question already share mutual feelings. Spells won’t make someone magically fall in love with you in an instant, but they will intensify, heighten and accelerate the attraction that already exists.

Some forms of magic have attracted criticism from an ethical perspective as they advocate the practice of bending another’s will to your own. Love spells, although complex, have rules in place to ensure that the balance is maintained. They’re safe, and they won’t force you to surrender your values.

Do Love Spells Have Moral Restrictions?

Yes, love Spells have more restrictions. So, before you start casting spells, you need to be honest and transparent with yourself about your intent. Have an open mind and an open heart when you reflect on why you want to cast a love spell. As a spell caster, you are required to list a proper petition that should cover what you wish to attract to yourself. Remember, this petition must be kept private. Once finished, burn the petition so the ashes’ energy can be released and absorbed by the Universe.

Another rule you must abide by is starting a spell with pure intentions. This is for your welfare. If you attempt to manifest an unavailable or preoccupied love, it is sure to bring you pain, and your spell won’t work. If you manifest an inspiring, healthy, and abundant love, you will start to attract the same energy you cast into the Universe.

Before You Cast Spells, Always Keep In Mind That Belief Is Everything. The More You Believe In Your Love Spell, The Higher The Likelihood That It Will Work.

The timing of your spell is also key to its success. Love rituals are usually performed on New Moon days as they are referred to as a ‘time for intention setting.’ It would help if you waited for Fridays because of their connection with Venus.

How Do Love Spells Work?

Love can turn your world upside down. It’s such a fantastic, heady feeling that everyone wants to fall in love and stay in love. Perhaps this is why love spells are so sought after.

However, love spells are highly misunderstood. They aren’t about snapping fingers and having someone fall madly and blindly in love with another.

Think of love spells as ‘mischief managers.’

  • They have the power to resolve an ongoing conflict between a couple.
  • They can intensify existing feelings between two people.
  • And yes, on occasion, they can bring two strangers together as well.

Love spells focus on the positives and are known to work wonders if performed correctly. This is what makes them different from other spells that have harmful intents and repercussions.

Casting Love Spells Requires Mental Focus, Confidence, And An Unwavering Belief That What You Manifest Is What You Will Receive.

Before casting your first love spell, you should dive into some research about the different kinds of love spells. Some love spells aim at an attraction, while others could be seduction spells or spells meant to attract twin flames or soulmates. However, the underlying intent behind all of these is the same.

Here’s what you can do before casting love spells.

# Intention

Ensure that the intent or purpose behind your spell is pure. This is crucial. Start by clearing your mind and meditating on what your heart truly desires. Any second thoughts or distractions might ruin the effect of the love spell. Worse still, you might cast the wrong spell. Be careful with what you wish for!

# Protection

Protecting your mind and body when casting a spell by ensuring that you are surrounded by positive energy only. Every spell you cast affects you. Any seasoned spellcaster will confirm this. Try the circle of protection technique or the sea saltwater bath method to protect yourself. Recitation of love verses from the Bible also helps reinforce positive energy.

# Cleansing

Remove all negative energy from around you before you cast a spell. This is easily achievable. Burn sweetgrass, sage, or even incense and allow the smoke to carry away negative energy. If you don’t prefer smoke, you can sprinkle sea salt to cleanse a space. If your element is water, you can sprinkle it with honey or charge it with the sun’s power and spray it around your spell area.

Has someone cast a love spell on you which you can’t seem to shake? Unsolicited love spells can drive you round the bend. If you are worried that someone has cast an unwanted love spell on you, read on to find out how you can break free.

How Do I Cast A Love Spell?

There are many methods to achieve the effects a love spell can have. Once you’ve looked into yourself and figured out your true needs, you’ll find the ideal way to convey them. You may want love to enter your life in a more general sense, opening up romantic possibilities. Or you may wish your partner to pay more attention and spend more time with you.

In any case, you’ll need to understand how you want to work with your desire. Each method needs practice and a clear mind to work, and spells take different times. Also, some of them need to be repeated daily, whereas some last for a long time.

Let’s take the example of a person who wants a new love. They may want to cast love spells that make them more attractive while also casting a spell to make romantic situations happen more often at work. Each of these effects will need a different casting method, and we’ll introduce you to the most common ones. Below are the different ways you can use to cast a love spell.

Using rituals to manifest your desire and your feelings

By performing a ritual, you’re letting the Universe know about your intentions and wishes. Rituals are ceremonies, big or small, in which you invoke powers to direct them in a certain way. A ritual can be as simple as a prayer or as complex as a liturgy, but, in either case, what counts is the purpose.

By focusing your thoughts on passion and affection while affirming to yourself that you deserve love, you’re already performing a ritual. That’s because you’re giving meaning to your time by focusing it on your love life, your feelings, and desires.

Of course, many tools can make rituals even more powerful. Crystals can channel and store energy, whereas candles fill a room with the energy you want. If you pick the right ingredients, your ritual will affect much sooner and have much better effects.

Here are some examples of love spells based on rituals:

Self-Love Spell With A Rose Quartz

Meditation In The Bath

Mantras to Express Love To Those Around You

Using potions, amulets, and other artifacts

Some love spells are bound to objects, which then become magical. Then, they start to emanate or channel the love energy you need in and around you. This has the benefit of working even if you don’t notice it.

To produce a potion or an amulet, you must focus your intention on the object while you make it. Then, once you wear, consume or discard it (depending on the object), it’ll project your desire into everything you do. You may leave an amulet on you, give it to someone, or leave it somewhere special to focus the energy around it on love.

Likewise, if you want to make a potion, you’ll find that the spell is made while making them. Then, they radiate it or channel it to whoever consumed it. This is what makes them extremely useful, versatile, and sought after.

For example, take a look at these love spells that produce artifacts:

Rose, Lavender, and Cinnamon Tea Potion

Plant-based Amulets

Using Oracles And Communicating With Superior Forces

We use oracles to understand better the trends of the Universe, as well as what’s happening around us. Through them, we establish connections with superior forces and the inner workings of the world. However, we can also use oracles for love spells, too, as destiny isn’t written in stone.

For example, your astrological sign can tell you a lot about your tendencies in love and relationships. However, it’s not like you can’t change anything about it: you can use plenary magic to bring about the best qualities in your natal chart.

Much in the same way, divination is usually made with the inherent meanings of Tarot cards. But if each card carries a superior force, then Tarot can also be used to cast love spells. The mediation between our desires and what the Universe has in store for us is one of the most powerful forms of love magic.

Examples of love spells that deal with Oracles are:

Tarot Love Spells

Astrological Magic

How To Increase Efficiency of Love Spells?

Before casting love spells, understand and accept that they are transactional—if you’re not putting yourself out there and making a conscious effort, you will not attract what you manifest.

Be honest with yourself about the circumstances of the love you’re attracting. Don’t think of a love spell as a means of attracting a specific person to yourself. Think of it as opening the gates of a healthy relationship wide open and letting the best twin energy walk right in.

Sometimes a love spell doesn’t involve a second person. In an age where self-love is celebrated, a little ‘Amortentia’ in the mirror each morning can be just what the spirit guides felt you needed!

Still unsure about love spells? Scared that they may backfire? If you’re on the fence, read on.

Can My Love Spell Backfire?

Yes, love spells can backfire.

This happens when your spirit guides believe that your chosen path is not the best for you. Your spirit guides will try to redirect you, but only if you’re attentive to the signs. The negative energy that you may embody when casting your spells could also affect your spell.

Like any other spell, love spells may or may not work for you. As long as you are mentally focused, have a precise idea of your intent, and meet all the physical material requirements for the spell, you’re on the right track. Remember, all spells take time to work.

However, sometimes love spells don’t work because you can’t make a person fall in love with you. We want so badly to believe that the person we have strong feelings for feels the same way. It takes a little reality check to see that we were wrong.

Can I Break A Love Spell?

Yes, breaking or reversing love spells is possible. However, the process can be too tricky and risky. No spellcaster would recommend that the spell-breaking process be performed at home. In situations wherein you feel like someone has cast a love spell on you or your partner, the spell needs to be reversed from the root.

  • You can start by building your resistance with little protective spells and practices. Hang a household object like a Talisman in your doorway to charge your home with positive energy.
  • Find a protection spell that uses what resources are available to you. Chanting prayers for protection or Bible verses about positive energy and protection from the evil eye can also be of great help.
  • A basil plant and a Black Tourmaline crystal are powerful protectors that can block negative energy and leave behind neutrality to fill in the spaces.

Knowing how spells work and how they can be broken and reversed will give you much-needed confidence. Go on, cast that spell, manifest that love! The Universe is rooting for you. What’s life without a little bit of magic?

What Are Love Spells That Work?

You may now ask yourself what is supposed actually to work. The truth is that even though there are a lot of spells that you can cast, it all boils down to purpose. As we said, magic is all about finding and giving meaning. So, no matter what spell you choose to cast, the result depends on the strength of your resolve and the clarity of your thoughts.

There are, then, a few things to keep in mind if you want a love spell to work. After all, even though some spells are more powerful than others, their real potency will always match the spellcaster. Below are the love spells that work

Spells That Are Cast With A Strong And Pure Intention

Spells that are cast with a clarity of purpose are much more likely to work. You must know what you want with a spell and why you want it. If deep down, your intentions aren’t aligned with your conscience, you’ll see that any spell you cast will be weaker — and it’s for the best.

That’s why casting a love spell is also an exercise in self-knowledge. It makes you question what kind of love you want in your life, your emotional needs, and your standards for getting it.

Spells That Follow Well-Established Rituals And Practices

Even though the rituals you choose to do are entirely up to you, there’s no need to invent the wheel. Some things work better than others, and there are thousands of years worth of experience out there to study from.

For example, some herbs are known to work wonders in love spells. You don’t need to test every herb you see on your potions — ask a more experienced spellcaster. The traditions give you a framework to work with and focus on what really matters.

Know More About Love Spells

Love is so important to mankind that we have developed millions of ways to attract it to us. So it’s impossible to cover all the aspects of a love spell in detail in one article. This is just an introduction: there’s a lot of knowledge to be gained out there about love magic. And it will all help you get the love you want and deserve.

Contact me if you have any doubts about what love spells are and how to cast them. I understand precisely how important love is for us and will help with anything you might need.

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