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How Long Do Love Spells Take to Work?

How Long Do Love Spells Take to Work

Many individuals have turned to spells, hexes, and offerings to make their most ideal romantic and relationship desires come true. One perk of utilizing this route is the speed with which the love spells take hold. 

Most love spells work immediately, but some may take days or even months for the full effect if they are more complex.  Many kinds of love spells are cast for many different situations by many different types of people, and these will all affect the amount of time to effectiveness. 

This article will explain some of these important variables in more detail. Read on to discover more about love spells and how long you should expect to wait for them to become effective.

Different Types of Love Spells and How Long They Take

The biggest variation in the time it takes for a love spell to work is which type of love spell you are pursuing. There are many different types of love spells, including:

These are the most commonly used love spells, though there are countless others available from untold numbers of casters in the world. Many casters have even developed and refined their specific brand of love spells and rituals.

These major categories of love spells will provide many of the most sought after relational and emotional results. 

When to Use a Summoning Spell

A summoning spell is used to draw someone or something to you. Often, these spells are used to bring your soulmate or one true love into your life.

In literature and pop culture, summoning spells are often portrayed as spells to revive the dead or summon demons. In reality and in practice, these spells can bring a much happier result.

You can use a summoning spell to attract an unknown person to you or to bring a romantic interest closer to you.

A Summoning Spell Can Take a Long Time to Work

These spells can sometimes take a long time, weeks to months, because the individual may be a great distance away or involved in other activities and pursuits that require patience from the summoner. 

If the summoning spell is cast simply to bring this important person into your life, it may take even longer depending on your desired outcome. The amount of time from meeting this special person to marriage or partnership can take anywhere from several days to several years! 

It’s important to let these relationships develop naturally, the magic will bring them into your life, but it cannot bend free will and will not force them to fall in love with you.

Summoning spells can bring reunification with any of the following individuals:

  • A past lover 
  • An acquaintance who may want to become more
  • An old friendship you’ve wanted to reconnect and develop
  • A brand-new lover (this is less common)

More potent and advanced love spells by a professional will decrease the amount of waiting time required.

These may also work more quickly if there is an existing relationship or acquaintance between the summoner and the individual being summoned. 

A Reciprocation Spell Can Develop the Desired Relationship

A reciprocation spell is any love spell that helps your unrequited love become more requited. These types of situations can arise at any time of life and can be really frustrating if the individual you desire is not interested or has not noticed you, despite your best human efforts.

This magical love spell can be as simple as speaking a few words or as complicated as creating an intricate potion. 

These types of love spells are quite common, and so they are also widely varied. You can use these spells to:

  • Cause your crush to reciprocate your feelings
  • Ignite attraction and passion in an existing platonic relationship
  • Strengthen desire and love in an existing romantic relationship

No matter your wants and needs, there is sure to be a reciprocation spell out there to satisfy your situation.

Reciprocation Spells Can Work Instantly

Due to the nature of these spells, if the object of your desire is nearby, or if you already have a relationship and positive connection with them, these spells can produce results almost immediately.

Your crush may notice you the moment you finish the incantation, or your soulmate may step off the bus at your specific stop when you have added the final piece to your charm.

Marriage Spells Can Enhance your Existing Relationship

Marriage spells are most often cast when one individual wants a proposal from their partner. In these instances, cold feet can be a real drag, and it may feel like the other will never be ready for the commitment. 

If your patience is wearing thin, and you’re tired of waiting for the “right time” for a proposal, these spells may just give your partner the nudge that they need.

These spells primarily deal with:

  • Desire
  • Commitment
  • Inspiration

These spells are a combination of inspiring the thought of a proposal, the desire to propose, and the commitment to actually follow through with the proposal. 

Marriage Spells Can Work Immediately 

Marriage spells are most often and most effectively used in an existing, strong relationship. 

A marriage spell is not a good choice for someone to immediately jump into before even utilizing a summoning spell to find a partner or a reciprocation spell to attract that partner, to build on that relationship. 

With existing relationships, a marriage spell can work within a few minutes. The spell may be cast on the way to dinner, and a seemingly impromptu proposal and ring-shopping will follow!

Using a Lover-Come-Back Love Spell

A spell created and cast to bring back an ex-lover can be tricky.

First of all, it is imperative that you don’t have any doubts about rekindling this relationship. The spells do not work if there is doubt about the results, and you do not want to rekindle a relationship if you are not completely sure that it will bring you happiness. Sometimes exes are exes (and should stay exes) for a reason.

It’s also important that the ex-lover is not in a happy and current relationship. Interfering with others’ happiness can have negative consequences, as you’ll see in the “Risks in Casting Love Spells” section. 

Reunification Spells May Never Succeed

The ex-lover returning spells are very tricky when dealing with time and deadlines.

Often, a specific spell will have an allotted time that the ex will return to you, somewhere within two to twenty-one days. If the ex has not returned in this prescribed amount of time, it is recommended that the caster moves on. 

This is interpreted as the magical world protecting you from further harm from this ex.

How is a Love Spell Cast?

All of these many useful love spells are great, but only if you know how to cast them properly.

There are many different ways to perform a love spell, depending on the desired outcome. Some of these options include:

  • Rituals
  • Potions
  • Verbal incantations
  • Written spells

Different sects of the spiritual and magical casters use different types of spell-casting methods. 

Casting a Love Spell Using a Ritual

Rituals are often a verbal incantation mixed with various magical items or personally connected elements.

Rituals follow a set schedule and extremely specific order of incantations and acts to cast the spell. 

Rituals exist in everything from religion to sports and are a commonly cited magical process. Love spell rituals are often a quiet, relaxed, focused act that incorporates some object related to love, like:

  • Flowers
  • Sweet scents
  • The color red
  • Items from the object of affection

Timeliness of Ritual Love Spells

Rituals can be a lengthy process, taking anywhere from a few minutes to several hours if a highly intricate set of actions is required.

Once the energy is released, it can begin working immediately, and you will see results soon, usually within a day to a week.

Creating Love Spell Potions

There are endless love spell potions throughout pop culture and media today, and many mainstream media and entertainment sources have dabbled in this domain.

Love potions often combine various ingredients, including:

  • Berry juice
  • Honey
  • Seltzer
  • Vodka
  • Rose water
  • Saffron

Generally, these are edible ingredients that will not harm an individual. They are combined in various amounts with various spells to bring you happiness.

Love spell potions are a liquid created and then consumed or spread to cast the spell and release the energy to meet your demands. 

Love Spell Potions Work Quickly

Often the love spell potion will work immediately after being consumed. It may take minutes to hours for the full effect, but it will start working once the energy is released.

It’s important to note the ingredients of the love potions, and not to ingest any harmful ingredients, or  be careful not to inhale any non-consumable fumes while creating. These can be a tricky and dangerous type of spell, and it is not recommended that you try to develop and cast love potions spells on your own.

Casting a Love Spell by Verbal Incantation

Verbal incantations, also known as chants, are verbal recitation of a spell or set of words. These can be in the native tongue or any number of ancient languages, most commonly Latin. These are the most commonly cited spells found on TV and in movies.

These spells are found in a range of genres, such as:

Often, these verbal love spells rhyme, but not always. With vocal incantations it is important to pronounce the phrases right and get the cadence correct. You must use a firm and confident tone when reciting. 

Verbal Incantations are Rapidly Effective

Verbal incantations, like many other spells, can be any length. Often, they are a few phrases or lines that take not more than a minute to recite. Some spells require repetition, but generally speaking, they are quick to cast. There are occasional spells that can become lengthy, but it will not be more than a few minutes.

Once the incantation energy is released into the air, it will begin to work its magic. 

How to Cast with Written Love Spells 

Written love spells are pretty self-explanatory. Some of these spells require long, detailed, complicated characters and designs drawn or written out onto items like:

  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Paper
  • Cloth

These spells are often in another language or use symbols to convey meaning. They can be as simple as a name of a hoped-for lover or as complicated as pages of symbols that need to be replicated exactly for effectiveness.

How Long Until Written Love Spells Take Effect?

Written love spells generally are released into the spiritual world to do the caster’s bidding as soon as the spell or characters are finished being written out. The intricacy will determine the speed of this process. You can take anywhere from minutes to days to complete a difficult written love spell.

Who Can Cast a Love Spell?

Learning about love spells is important, but knowing which one to choose to bring you true happiness is critical. After you’ve discovered which love spell you want, you must decide who will cast the spell to make it work.

There are several options for those who can cast love spells. Some casters are highly trained and practiced professionals, and others can be DIY-ing their love spells from home. Examples of these individuals include:

  • Voodoo practitioners
  • Witches
  • Shamans
  • Yourself

Voodoo practitioners Can Cast Love Spells

Voodoo (also known as Vodou) is an ancient practice originating in Africa. Voodoo is used to harness the powers of ancestors, and these ancestors carry out the work and initiatives based on the spells cast. 

Voodoo often blends spells from different regions in Africa but can be cast by witches from various covens or researched and cast on your own. 

Voodoo is more of a religion-based practice than anything anchored in magic, utilizing spiritual beliefs and often a darker ritual that often incorporates blood or sacrifices. 

Voodoo claims to run parallel to magic, not using magic in the practice. The practitioners are called priests or priestesses rather than witches or wizards. They still cast spells, much like witches and wizards.

Voodoo practitioners offer remarkably similar services to witches, including:

  • Love spells
  • Desire spells
  • Hex removal spells
  • Health spells
  • Luck spells
  • Protection spells

In each of these categories, there are specific spells that vary by region. Voodoo is commonly practiced all over the world, but is specifically popular and utilized in:

  • Haiti
  • West Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Togo
  • New Orleans

You can find Voodoo practitioners on the web as well as in these cities. It is a revered spiritual realm but often has negative or dangerous connotations, like classic “Voodoo dolls” that are created to cause pain and discomfort to the targets. 

In reality, Voodoo is yet another method of spiritual beliefs, healing, and modification. 

Utilizing a Witch to Cast a Love Spell

Witches are the most common casters today, and many offer commercial online services. You can choose from a variety of spells listed in various categories, often including:

  • Love spells
  • Protection spells
  • Money spells
  • Luck spells

Each of these categories often includes dozens of spells in each. There are options for buying online and having one (or several) witches craft and cast your spell. Often these are customizable, and many witches will work with you directly to create the most effective love spell possible.

Shamans Can Cast Love Spells

Shamans can interact with and navigate the spiritual world by joining via a trance or meditation. Once in this other realm, they can use spells and directives to utilize spiritual beings and forces.

Primarily, shamans are focused on intentional well-being and spiritual health from within. 

Shamans provide services such as:

  • Communicating between the physical and spiritual world
  • Community needs (psychic services)
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Healing services

Shamans can be hired to produce love-spell results, but often these are centered on modifying your ability to manage relationship sin a positive way.

Rather than using spells to direct another individual to fall in love with you, you should, by healing yourself and coming from a self-directed, confident place, find love by naturally attracting a partner.

Shamans provide guidance for personal, spiritual healing.

Casting a Love Spell From your Own Home 

In this highly virtual day and age, there are many casting services available on the web. These websites connect you with a professional caster (for a fee) and this caster guides you through the steps as you are performing the spell yourself, contrary to hiring a caster to cast the love spells from their location. 

This is sort of a guided DIY for those who are motivated and independent but would still benefit from assistance when casting. There are also directions, incantations, and some levels of advice on many websites from covens and magical groups. 

Often, these require a payment of some sort to unlock, as they are not in the business of providing free services. You can find ideas and spells on social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, but without proper context and directions, these can be difficult to cast without experience.

How Long do Love Spells Last?

The longevity of love spells will vary based on the type of love spell originally cast. 

Love spells are generally cast to last the rest of the lifetime. Individuals choosing to cast love spells are commonly searching for a lifelong partner and relationship, not simply a fling or short attraction.

That’s one reason why it is so important to be completely sure of your desires before casting spells; they are not easy to simply get rid of and reverse and may cause lasting emotional pain to you or your partner after a breakup.

Permanent Love Spells Last Forever

Most love spells, if created to bring a lifetime (or more) of happiness, will last forever. There are caveats to this, including:

  • If one or the other of you dies the relationship obviously cannot continue
  • If  an irreparable issue comes up (moving jobs, illness, etc.) and you choose to go your separate ways
  • If you decide that the love spell isn’t the right choice and you want to reverse it

Revoking and Reversing a Love Spell

Luckily, there are options for reversing or revoking a love spell. If that special someone turns out to not be all that you had dreamed, you aren’t stuck with them forever!

There are two main types of spells that you can enlist to reverse things like:

  • love spells
  • chants
  • rituals
  • potions

These two types of spells are known as “Spell-specific reversals” or “General reversal spells”.

Depending on the level of complication of the spell, a simpler and general reversal may be the way to go. If the spell was highly intricate and modified, and customized, it may take a more specific reversal by a talented and experienced caster.

If the reversal spell requires participation by a spouse or partner, this can complicate things. For one, they may not actually believe that they had ever been the recipient of the spell and will refuse to participate. In this case, it’s best to pursue spell reversal on your own.

General Reversal Spells Can Undo Most Spells

Commonly, reversal spells are used to negate the spell’s effects and halt the continued effects of the spell. 

Many of these reversal spells require burning the name of the initial spell on a piece of paper. And once the energy from the paper is released into the world, the spell will begin to break down. 

Using a Spell-Specific Reversal on your Love Spell

Many spells can be un-cast with a specific routine.

A lot of intricate spells require more work to undo than a general love spell. For example, sometimes if the spell is highly intricate or involves a time-consuming ritual, it will need to be cast in reverse.

The spell, charm, ritual, or chant must be spoken in reverse and the actions done in reverse to release new energies to cancel out the original love spell energies.

The Timeliness of Love Reversal Spells

Like the initial spells being cast, the timeline of effectiveness will vary. For longer and more intricate spells, the reversal process will take longer, and thus the actual spell reversal will be delayed.

Often, as soon as the reversals are spoken or finished being cast, they will begin to work in your favor. 

There are Risks Included in Casting Love Spells

Of course, with casting spells and altering, creating, or eliminating emotions, there is always an opportunity for disaster. In the Wiccan and casting world, this is often known as “The Rule of Three” or “The Law of Threefold Return”.

The Law of Threefold Return

The Rule of Three is the belief that whatever energy you put forth into the world will come back to you threefold. This is true for both positive and negative energies.

The negative energy that you speak into a spell can come back threefold to haunt you and cause harm. If you use negative energy to break up an existing relationship or cause someone a negative feeling or emotion, you are asking for trouble.

For this reason, it is a good idea to search for and utilize an experienced professional when casting love spells.

You May Experience Negative Fallout from Casting a Love Spell

It’s important to protect yourself and your partner while you are casting your spell. Controlling and modifying existing energies can be dangerous. If you hold onto negative or fearful emotions while casting, it can affect the intentions of the spell.

Love Spells May Not Work

Despite your best intentions and most details casting of love spells, they may not work.

If you aren’t confident in the results, or aren’t sure of the intentions behind your spell, they are less likely to produce your desires. 

Feelings must be mutual. Love spells will not force someone to fall in love with you; they merely guide existing connection or compatibility.

If you are not honest with yourself (or with the casters you’ve chosen to cast your love spell) the magic will not work. 

It’s important to seek out experienced and genuine casters; read below to discover more about hiring and utilizing a reliable witch.

Who Can Cast a Love Spell for Me Today?

There are various well-known and revered casters across the world, one prominent individual is Mama Anne. 

Mama Anne was born in Uganda and currently resides in Uganda, Africa. She was raised by her grandmother, a healer, and experienced spell-caster for decades.

With decades of experience as a psychic and spiritual healer, Mama Anne is also available to help you meet all of your love spell needs.  

Mama Anne currently provides love spells that include:

  • Get Your Ex Back Spells
  • True Love Spells
  • Stop Their Cheating Spells
  • Get Over Heartbreak Spells
  • Find Your Soulmate Spells

No matter what your love spell desires are, Mama Anne has one that will meet your needs. If you require a stronger, more intricate spell, Mama Anne will work diligently to develop an effective spell specifically for your situation. 

She is available to connect with you via WhatsApp or email and is eager to assist you in making your love spell dreams come true.


I'm Mama Anne from Uganda, the owner of this website and a traditional healer with over 40 years of experience. I specialize in love spells and am well versed in all kinds of magic that can help people worldwide find the love they wish for and deserve. The first time I learned about my innate psychic and spiritual ability was when I was still a child, looking into an old mirror whose owner had died. I found out that I could communicate with the mirror's late owner, and my grandmother noticed the talent. Then, I was brought up learning about the magic in the world and how it can help people. There is love at the center of it all, and I understand the importance of love for everyone.

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