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Try These 3 Love Spells for That Specific Person

What if there were a way for you to attract the object of your affections and make them feel the same way about you? You could bring that special person into your life or even call out for your own and only soulmate. You could even fix a broken relationship. All of this and more is possible with the right love spell. 

Love spells are a special type of magic meant to attract love. They can be done in written text, rituals, or through potions. The idea behind these love spells includes:

  • Attracting the one you love
  • Finding your soulmate
  • Fixing a broken relationship or something wrong in the relationship. 

Love spells are ancient magic that can still be used today. Let’s look at the different types of love spells and learn how each one can be used. 

Types of Love Spells

As you get into the world of love spells, you may encounter three different types that are the most common. Choosing the right one may make it easier to attract that specific person in the way that you want. Some of the specific types of love spells for that specific person include:

  • Attraction spells
  • Healing that broken relationship spell
  • Finding a soulmate spell

Each one is designed to help with your love life, but they are done in different ways. The spell caster will need to decide which one is right for them. 

The Attraction Spell

The attraction spell is the perfect option when you have your eye on someone. This one is very powerful and can draw that specific love into your life. Too many people avoid making a big move because they do not have enough confidence to do it. That is why these spells focus on helping the spell caster feel confident. 

This self-confidence is extraordinarily sexy and will attract the right person into your life. The following ingredients will be necessary to cast the attraction spell and bring that specific person into your life:

Gather all of these items and bring them into a quiet spot with you. The process will not take long, but you need not be disturbed, or the effects can be ruined. Set up the candles and make sure the pen works. 

To do the attraction spell is very simple. Start by lighting the candles and setting them somewhere they will not fall over for at least five or ten minutes. Then:

  • Write out the name of the specific person you want to attract to you on the piece of paper. 
  • Fold it in half and hold it to your heart. 
  • Visualize that person in your mind, taking in their name and specific characteristics about them. 
  • Place the piece of paper over the candle and let it slowly burn. 
  • As that happens, send up your little prayer or verse, asking for that person to be drawn to you. 

There are other variations of this kind of spell, but this simple version is easy to do on your own or with some help and is sure to attract that specific person to you in no time. 

The Finding My Soulmate Spell

This spell is the right one to use when you are tired of all your worn-out relationships from the past and want to find your soulmate finally. The point of this spell is to find that person, even if you do not precisely know who they are yet, and call them to join your life. 

Since you may not know who your soulmate is, this spell will take a different approach to get the work done. Instead of focusing on that person’s name, you will focus on the general qualities you want in a soulmate and ask for someone to appear in your life who matches those qualities. 

The best part of this one is that it only requires a few ingredients, and you are ready to go. These include:

  • A bell: it is best if the bell is grey. 
  • A pen
  • A piece of paper

Once you have gathered up all of the necessary materials, write down all of the qualities that you would like from your future partner. At the same time, visualize what that first meeting between the two of you would be like. Fold the paper up when you are done. 

You must repeat this process for at least three to five days for it to be effective. And be very detailed in the note. The more information you can include on your piece of paper, the more likely you will find your soulmate. 

The Healing a Relationship Spell

Did you get out of a long-term relationship, and you want to make the other person miss you? Recovering from this kind of relationship does take time. The healing of a broken relationship spell can help you to heal the wounds and bring you and your partner back to one another. 

Keep in mind that this spell will only work if you can clear out the negative energy in the connection between you. If there is negative energy, you need to clear that out first. To perform this spell, you will need a few ingredients, including:

  • One candle. Pick one that is white, pink, or red. 
  • A yard or another type of string that is red. 
  • Vanilla oil
  • A sharp item that can carve into the candle a little. 

To start this session, you should carve out the other person’s name and yourself into the candle. Add a little oil to that candle and use the red string to tie up the candle. Cover up the names while you do this. 

When the string is in place, you can light the candle. Focus your intention for the prayer for at least a few minutes. Then blow out the candle to complete this ritual. 

Other Types of Love Spells

The love spells above are the most common types of love spells you can try. There are a few other options that the spell caster can try out too. These include:


These are known as the sugar spells or honey jar spells. The point of this type of spell is to help increase:

  • Intimacy
  • Connection
  • Desire
  • Attraction

In a current relationship. You can use this kind of spell in a current relationship to make the intimacy better for example. It is a good spell to improve how someone acts around you, helping them to become nicer to you. 

Tranquility Spell

Another option is a tranquility spell. If you are in a relationship and your partner is angry at you, this spell is meant to calm down the fire and help them fall in love with you once again. Couples get into fights, but this spell is perfect for calming down anger and keeping the partners together. 

During this spell, you may want to ask for several different things to make the anger dissipate. You can ask for:

  • Your lover to forgive you. 
  • Your lover’s anger to subside. 
  • Understanding to help your lover calm down. 

Being calm and not placing the blame, which can create a lot of negative energy, will help when you do this kind of spell. 


Amarres is a very powerful love binding spell. This spell is meant to bind and stabilize a relationship together. This can help the relationship stay strong and keep the two individuals in love and work together towards a common goal. 

Communication Spells

Many relationships struggle when it comes to having open lines of communication between the partners. They may struggle to express their feelings or to be open about things that may bother them. The point of a communication spell is to open those lines and create a stronger partnership. 

During the communication spell, the spell caster should remember a few things. They should ask for:

  • Their partner to feel comfortable to be open and communicate with them. 
  • Themselves to be open and willing to hear what their partner has to say. 
  • Themselves to open up and communicate as well. 

Communication goes both ways. Both partners need to be open to listening to one another and being respectful as well. This communication spell should be used to help out with both sides of this. 

Open Road Spell

Sometimes you need a little bit of help with a relationship you are currently in. You and your partner may struggle to communicate with one another, or there is another obstacle that gets in the way of you honestly expressing your love for one another. 

Couples can use the open road spell to help them overcome any major struggles they have. Some good situations to use this spell for include:

  • When you struggle to get over something that your partner has done. 
  • When your partner struggles to build trust and love in the relationship. 
  • When one or both of you have baggage from the past that gets in the way. 
  • When both of you can’t get over the pain that may have happened in the past. 

There are many obstacles that a couple can face in any relationship. The open road spell is a great way to break through those obstacles to naturally come through the love for that relationship. 

Strong Lust

This is the fun one. The point of it is to increase and attract lust and sex from the other person. Everyone wants plenty of the fun times under the covers in their relationship and a spell to make this happen can really spice up your love life. 

Before using this type of spell though, it needs to be directed towards someone you love and want a serious relationship with. Do not use it just to have a hookup with random people. These are love spells and should be taken seriously. To do this spell:

  • Think about your partner or the one you want to attract to you. 
  • Visualize them being attracted to you and wanting to be with you. 
  • Add a chant about your desires as well. 

With the right intentions and intensity in your request, you will soon find that your partner will be more attracted to you and your sex life can go through the roof. 

Things to Remember When Performing a Love Spell

Before you get started with any love spell, there are a few things to remember. These include:

Love spells are effective at enhancing love or making it happen for you and someone new. They will not work overnight, but when done properly, the spell caster can enjoy love on a whole new level. 

Love Spell Chants to Try

Now that we have taken some time to learn about the different types of spells and even some of the materials you can use, let’s take a look at the exact steps that you can do with a few effective love chants so. Some of the best options to choose include:

Daily Love Note

If you are new to this and want to try some chanting to give yourself something to focus on, this is a good one. It will focus on the chakras so read up on that a little before you begin. Some of the materials you will need to start with this one include:

  • A little knowledge about the chakras
  • A piece of paper
  • Red ink

This is a fairly simple spell and easy to use and can be a good one to use right before you go to bed. The point is to continue the chant until you fall asleep so you can send the right energy out into the world. Once you have collected all the necessary materials, you must:

  • Write out a short letter to the person you love. Write out all of your feelings on the paper. 
  • Request that the universe send that letter to the one you love. 
  • After your request, complete the chant with the phrase “so may it be”. 
  • You must repeat this until you fall asleep for it to work. 

The best time to do this is to wait for the full moon. It may work during other times of the month, but the most efficient time is when you find the lunar phase of the moon. 

Water Spell Chanting

This is another simple love spell technique that can work with many of the other options we discussed above. The materials are really easy to get your hands on so that should not be a problem. For example, all the spell caster will need to get started include:

  • A positive mindset, preferably one who fully believes in the power of this spell
  • A little salt
  • A glass of water (any size will do)

Once you have gathered all the materials above, find a quiet place where you can complete the chant. This one is pretty quick and will not take long. The place you choose must be quiet enough that you can finish it without being disturbed. Five to ten minutes alone should be enough. 

When you are ready to start, simply go through the following steps:

  • Take just a pinch of salt and add it to your chosen glass of water. 
  • Now you must chant. You can tell the target person what action you want. 
  • Repeat this love spell chant at least three times. 
  • After the chanting, the spell caster needs to drink the salty water. 

When choosing the action for your target to complete, keep it simple. You may choose to do something as simple as request they give you a call. This is a simple thing for them to do while making the chant successful too. 

The water will be a little salty when you do this. If you are worried about the taste of the water, just get a bigger cup to help mask it more. You can take a drink of regular water when you are done if the salt makes you thirsty. 

Choosing the Right Love Spell to Capture Someone’s Heart

Love spells can be one of the best ways to attract that specific person into your life and make them yours for good. If you need a love spell that works, contact us today!


I'm Mama Anne from Uganda, the owner of this website and a traditional healer with over 40 years of experience. I specialize in love spells and am well versed in all kinds of magic that can help people worldwide find the love they wish for and deserve. The first time I learned about my innate psychic and spiritual ability was when I was still a child, looking into an old mirror whose owner had died. I found out that I could communicate with the mirror's late owner, and my grandmother noticed the talent. Then, I was brought up learning about the magic in the world and how it can help people. There is love at the center of it all, and I understand the importance of love for everyone.

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