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5 Love Spells With Bay Leaves

For thousands of years, we have used bay leaves in cuisine — primarily the Mediterranean — and ward off insects. It also symbolizes victory and glory, most commonly represented by the wreath worn by champions in Greece. However, the bay leaf’s magical properties are also well known and can help in various matters, from material prosperity to love. Yes, indeed — there are bay leaf spells that can help you improve your love life.

The bay leaf’s magical properties can bring love to you by warding off negative energy and clearing your mind. It also helps with your confidence and establishes a connection between you and the person you’re in love with. It would help if you also used bay leaves to get divine inspiration. How you can use bay leaves for love magic include:

  • As an amulet (to carry with you, to use on your house or your pillow)
  • As a carrier for your intention
  • As a catalyst in rituals

Magic is profoundly personal and intuitive, but a little guidance can’t hurt. If you’re unsure about the best way for you to use bay leaves in a love spell, reading this article will help you learn about bay leaf’s magical properties, how to use bay leaves in love spells, and the bay leaves love spell recipes. When you’ve learned how to cast love spells using bay leaves, take your time and learn how to use other herbs too.

What are The Magical Properties of the Bay Leaf?

For the longest time, Bay leaves have been known as a potent herb, almost always related to vitality and strength. Then they are associated with the sun, with the fire element, with masculine energies, and with the Leo zodiac sign. You can use it to protect you or your house from insects, malignant energies, and disease.

All these effects have their origin in the fact that bay leaves are a strong spice. They enhance your physical as well as your spiritual well-being and can strengthen the power of other ingredients. That’s why it’s used widely in secular and magical recipes — the floral scent of the dried leaves clears your thinking and is real beckons divine inspiration.

This last attribute makes it especially useful for love magic. You usually wouldn’t associate a herb like this with love, but it turns out healing and inspiration go a long way in love. After all, love is also an everyday conquest, in the sense that if you’ll feel accomplished if you think of something that will make your love interest happy and you succeed. This is the kind of help bay leaves can provide.

How to Use Bay Leaves in Love Spells?

Even though you can use bay leaves for love spells directly, they are better suited in a mix of herbs. The bay leaf can provide unique effects, such as inspiring sweet dreams about your loved one (and making said dreams come true). However, you must be sure that this is what you want and need, and for that, you need to clear your head and focus on what you want.

Thankfully that’s another useful effect bay leaves can provide! Using them in a preparatory spell, you can visualize your intentions more clearly and have a moment for self-reflection. If you work with magic as an essential part of your life, you’ll understand any spell can be used for love, in a general sense.

The leaves have indeed been historically associated with glory and victory. But that’s because they have always been great carriers for your intentions and, so there is no reason they wouldn’t work for love as well. I will now give some practical examples of using them, but remember to follow your intuition!

Bay Leaf Love Spell Recipes

Writing on Bay Leaves

Since bay leaves are known for being great energy carriers, you’ll do good by merely writing your intention on a leaf. From there on, your wish will be in good hands. This is the basis for several other, more advanced love spells with bay leaves. If you write your loved one’s name on a bay leaf, for example, and then use that leaf in a love potion, that potion will be so much more powerful.

Likewise, it’s a general form of magic you can use in your everyday life. If you’re cooking for your wife or husband, for example, you can write out a wish for love on the leaves and use them for cooking as you normally would. This will add a particular magical spice to your meal — although, of course, you should write with something that’s not toxic!

So, you’ll be wise to keep in mind that it’s an essential herb in his rites. It may help you focus on your intention and all the good energy coming to you if you understand you’re not alone: there is a deity there who will help you.

Burning Bay Leaves With a Wish Written On It

One of the most powerful ways you can use bay leaves in your favor is by burning them once you’ve written your wish on them. By doing this, you’re not destroying your wish. It’s the other way around: you’re sending a message to the Universe, with the ashes scattering your intentions everywhere and helping them bear the fruits you want.

You can burn the bay leaf however you want, but you’ll see better results if you use every step of the process as a part of the spell. Here is a simple but effective way you can do it — and the ingredients you will need:

  • A bay leaf with the written intention on it
  • A pink or a red candle
  • A bowl where the ashes can fall into

You want a pink or a red candle because they attract and manifest love energy. If you use such a candle to burn a bay leaf with a strong love intention attached to it, you’ll be amplifying the power of the spell. Then, you want to have the ashes to scatter them on the wind or somewhere important to you.

Another option is to dry a few leaves and make a homemade incense with the leaves. You’ll want to focus on your loved one as you light it with the candle instead of writing on the leaf directly. This is especially effective if you already live with them since the incense works best in purifying and energizing a place.

Sleeping With Bay Leaves Under Your Pillow

One of the most well-known uses of bay leaf is to draw visions and induce better dreams. This can be attributed to the wisdom it brings and the connection to the gods and higher beings. Likewise, when it comes to love, bay leaves may bring you sweet dreams about you and your loved one.

However, it turns out that the dreams aren’t just to make you feel good in the morning. They are a powerful tool in magic because they attract love to you and help you focus on your intentions throughout the day. What’s more, dreams brought by bay leaves are prophetic. So, by dreaming of a romantic situation drawn by a love spell made with bay leaves, you’re helping it come true at the very same time.

A few variants on the most common dream and love spells, but the one we’ll teach you is relatively simple. On Valentine’s day eve, pin five bay leaves to your pillow: one in each corner and one in the center. You can change the pattern however you like, though, and sprinkle rose water on the leaves. You can also burn saffron incense before sleep to help attract and transform energy to love in your dreams.

Bay Leaf Amulet To Carry Around

By all accounts, bay leaves are natural repellents of negative energy. They can purify and cleanse your surroundings and attract victory and abundance to you and your house. In a way, the victory wreath given to champions in Ancient Greece was nothing but an amulet.

And, much like them, you can make a wreath of bay leaves to bring you continued prosperity and abundance. There are many ways you can do this, but virtually all you have to do is to wear them on you (inside a shrine or a trinket of any kind) or consecrate them to work for you in your house (by sprinkling its powder on your working table, for example). This will cleanse you and keep you balanced, which will keep you sharp as you work on actualizing your intentions in love.

To make a bay leaf amulet, you need many leaves you think you can carry safely and discreetly. Then, dry the leaves, hold them wherever you can, or leave them on your altar. Alternatively, you can have a wreath on your door and change it whenever the leaves start to die. By doing this, you’ll attract love to you in all of its forms.

Rituals with Bay Leaf

If you feel in need of energy replenishments, you can always count on bay leaves to inspire you and carry good omens. If you’re being affected negatively by a situation — and being distraught in love matters is very distressing — you can use bay leaves to repel the destructive thoughts and memories, as well as clear your mind.

An example ritual involves:

  • A piece of green cloth, preferably unused
  • Seven fresh bay leaves
  • A silver thread

You need to wrap the leaves in the cloth and tie the little pack with the silver thread. Then, before you go to sleep, place it under the pillow and pray to Apollo:

“By the power of the sacred laurel

Let Daphne come to me tonight

Let me have nice, pleasant dreams

So I know what to do about my troubles

Let it be that tomorrow morning

I’ll remember the visions you gave me.”

Next morning, make sure you bury the little bag. The bay leaves will have drawn all the bad energy and purified them, so they must be discarded.

How to Know More About Love Spells

Herbs are amongst the most powerful ingredients you can have by your side when casting love spells. However, there is a lot of knowledge to be gathered about them and years of experience ahead of you before you can safely cast spells without guidance. So it never hurts to contact me and talk about your doubts and your wishes. I will be happy to help you clear any doubts that you have.


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