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9 Most Powerful Love Spells

powerful love spells

Love spells are a powerful tool that you can use to help attract and manifest love. They are so strong because they help you discover and direct the positive energy to actualize your intentions. By opening the pathway for love to come into your life, a love spell can help you find both the love of others and the love of self!

The desire to feel love is a natural and expected part of human existence. You might be looking to mend a relationship, start a new one, or manifest another form of love to enter your life. And you also might have no idea where to begin! Consider this list of the 9 most powerful love spells to manifest the love you are looking for, and make sure to consult a professional like Mama Anne to make sure you get the most out of it. 

Casting a Ribbon Love Spell

For this simple, yet powerful, love spell all you will need are two items that make up a pair and a ribbon. Here are some ideas for the two items:

  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • A pair of shoes 
  • A pair of gloves 

It is best if you use a ribbon that is either red or pink. One object in the pair will represent you, and the other object will represents your lover or love interest. You should also consider using a set of items that mean something special to you. 

To cast this spell, use the ribbon to tie the two items together loosely. They should not be touching- not yet, at least! Each morning untie the ribbon and move the items a tad closer. Retie them and repeat this until they touch. Leave them touching for the next 7 days to finish the spell. This spell should be done during the New Moon and will help manifest the universe bringing you and your love closer together! 

Using Chants to Manifest Love

This love spell doesn’t require any special ingredients. Instead, the person using this method relies on chants to manifest the love attraction of someone or to open their mind and soul to feelings of love. A chant is a phrase that you can repeat out loud or internally all day long, so it is usually a phrase that is simple enough to say again and again. While chants may vary for each person, try this love spell chant:

“By the power below and above,

I am asking you to bring me love.

By this spell that I have cast,

I want a love that will always last.”

Repeating a mantra of love attraction throughout the day conjures energy from the universe to send love in your direction.

Sweeten Relationships with Honey

The main purpose of using honey with love spells is to sweeten your relationships by removing some obstacles that are preventing the relationship from flourishing. People use this spell to make the relationship they are struggling with work a little better and be a little nicer. Write the person’s name on a piece of paper and put it into a jar of honey. Within a few weeks, things should sweeten up.

The Rose Petal Spell

The rose petal love spell is a great spell to try because it doesn’t require many pieces. You just need to have rose petals and moving water- which can either be from nature or inside your home. You must hold these items while envisioning the type of person that you would ideally love to be with. 

While you are picturing your love, throw the petals into the moving water (so they are floating towards you, of course!) and repeat this phrase twice:

“As this rose moves out to sea, so true love will come to me.”

Casting A Spell in The Bath

This spell should help relax your mind while opening your heart up to love. The ingredients:

  • Himalayan salt
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Hibiscus and rose petals 

Drawing a bath with these inside will be comforting. Take it to the next level by placing a rose quartz over your heart chakra. Meditate in the bath about your dream partners and relationships to manifest them. 

Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations can actually be used as a powerful love spell if you use them correctly. To do this properly, you must choose and put into words the affirmation, also called a personal mantra, that encompasses your intentions. Repeating this in the mirror both morning and night works as a powerful tool to attract the love that you so deserve.

Carving A Candle Love Spell

For this love spell, you will need to know your astrological sign and the astrological sign of the person whose love you are hoping to mend or manifest. Carve your name and sign on one side of the candle and carve theirs on the other. 

Next, cover the candle using the following oils:

  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Honeysuckle
  • Gardenia
  • Ginger
  • Orris-root 

Let the candle burn until the light goes out. 

Writing Out a Love Spell

You can use this love spell to help attract a new lover and to help boost the attraction or passion within your current relationship. This spell requires just a few items.

Write out what you desire on the piece of paper after lighting the candle. Describe what you want in your relationship or what exciting new love you are searching for.

After writing as much as you like, take some time to meditate on these wishes as you rub the essential oils onto your body. Where should you rub the oils? The best places are:

  • Wrists
  • Neck
  • Chest area

To finish the spell, hold the rose quartz to your chest and chant: “This love I desire runs through me like a fire. This love that I want I shall have.”

You should let the candle burn out fully and always keep the rose quartz in a safe place. Oh, and don’t throw the paper out until your dreams come true!

Lighting A Candle to Cast A Love Spell

This is another powerful love spell that requires the use of a candle. Begin the spell by keeping the candle unlit while you repeat to yourself (out loud or internally) how you are wishing love to reveal itself in your life. You must be calm, concentrated, and truly believe in what you are saying. Light the candle and be patient as it completely burns down to finish the spell.  

Safe Practice of Love Spells

Casting a love spell can really help you out when you are looking for love or have strong desires to heal and develop your relationships. To be cast the right way, love spells must be done with only the best intentions. Conjuring and directing the right energy by using a love spell can truly change your life for the better!

However, it’s very important to remember that what you put out into the universe can come back threefold. This means you should always avoid casting a love spell with any negative energy. It is wise and best for your safety to consult a professional and follow their instructions and advice. To make sure your love spells are effective, get in touch today with Mama Anne!


I'm Mama Anne from Uganda, the owner of this website and a traditional healer with over 40 years of experience. I specialize in love spells and am well versed in all kinds of magic that can help people worldwide find the love they wish for and deserve. The first time I learned about my innate psychic and spiritual ability was when I was still a child, looking into an old mirror whose owner had died. I found out that I could communicate with the mirror's late owner, and my grandmother noticed the talent. Then, I was brought up learning about the magic in the world and how it can help people. There is love at the center of it all, and I understand the importance of love for everyone.

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