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10 Mantras to Use for Love

Mantras For Love

Mantras are such a powerful tool for focus and mental control and can be used for anything your heart desires, including love.  You can incorporate mantras into your meditation, morning routine, work environment, religious worship, and even your relationships. The world might be a better place if more individuals used uplifting or love-manifesting mantras in their daily lives.

The best part about them is that they only need your thoughts to work. They’re the fastest possible form of love magic. If you need a little bit of inspiration for finding the love mantra that will suit your needs and take your love intention to the next level, then read on. 

Mantras to Attract Romantic Love

There are different kinds of love mantras.  Romantic, familial, societal, and general are just some examples.  If you are seeking romantic love or would like to win back a lost love, then consider contacting Mama Anne to help in your search.

I Am Worthy of and Ready for Love to Enter My Life 

If you feel that a new horizon is on the brink and your love life is headed for a fresh start, try adding this mantra to your day to open your heart to your own worthiness to be loved and your willingness to receive it.  

Confidence can be one of the most attractive qualities in a person.  Keep your standards high and your heart open to allow yourself to fall for somebody, but not just anybody.  

Remember that, no matter what anyone may have told you in the past, everyone is worthy of love.  And not just any love: a faithful, fulfilling, and unconditional love.

The Love I Deserve Is Worth Waiting For 

If you have been hurt or treated poorly in the past, then maybe this mantra can help bring your focus back to the patience and hopefulness of a fulfilling and faithful love rather than settling for less right now.

Sometimes coming out of a difficult heartbreak can leave you feeling hopeless and drained.  You might think that to avoid a lifetime of loneliness, you have to settle for whoever comes along that makes an offer, no matter how bad that offer is.  

Frankly, you’ll be much better off alone for a little longer while you wait for someone who will treat you well and love you honestly than if you are with someone who is ready right now but isn’t bringing much to the table as far as love is concerned.

I Am Attractive and Desirable 

If you struggle with self-esteem or self-confidence, consider using this mantra as an affirmation of your existence as a desirable individual who is beautiful, inside and out.

Everyone has times when they feel that their outward appearance is not an accurate representation of their inner self.  Choosing to see yourself in a new light, with an eye for appreciation and finding the good, can help you avoid a lot of self-doubt.  

Look at and emphasize your best qualities and remember what you have to offer that others might not.  Your authenticity is the most valuable thing you can bring to the table in a relationship.  

I Have Powerful and Passionate Love to Give

If you find yourself wondering if you have what it takes to contribute to a mutually fulfilling and engaging romantic relationship, this mantra might give you the confidence in your own undeniable ability to give love that is worth receiving.  

Sometimes we come out of a lousy relationship feeling like we have drained all of our ability to love.  You might feel empty and devoid of effort to give for a relationship, but keep in mind that as you get to know someone and allow love to begin growing again, that emptiness will refill, and you will have more to give than you could have imagined. 

Our ability to love someone is something that can be practiced and improved as well.  Love is a verb, it’s an action word that requires time and effort, and it is a skill that can be learned.  When you find someone you are beginning to love, pay attention to how they receive love the best and spend thought and time being purposeful in that expression. 

Mantras for a Discovery of Self-Love

Entering the world of self-love can change your perspective on life and love in general.  Loving yourself just as you are can boost your confidence, enrich your authenticity, and in turn can make you more appealing to romantic partners as well as friends and family members.

I Was Made to Love Myself Just as I Am 

Our identities, personalities, physical characteristics, and values are intentional and interconnected to our purpose and existence. 

Our love and acceptance of ourselves do not mean that we want to stay exactly how we are forever; it just means that we can appreciate the potential that we have and the growth we have made to get to where we are now, even if it is not the end result.

We can love ourselves at all stages of our lives, despite being frustrated with circumstances, conditions, or hardships.  The better we treat ourselves, the more we will grow and improve.  It’s called watering the flowers instead of the weeds.  

I Have Something Unique and Positive to Offer the World

We each have something different to contribute to the world with each choice that we make, and choosing to give love will tilt your contribution towards the side of changing the world for good.

If we can embrace our strengths and love ourselves fully, it opens up a whole universe of possibilities.  Act and be purposeful in your expression of love to those around you, and love them in the ways that only you can.

We all have weaknesses and we all have faults, but we also have strengths. Those can be shared, often through loving another person.

Humility Is Not the Same as Self-Loathing 

If your religious or cultural affiliations value humility above all else, consider reminding yourself that it is not synonymous with hating or disliking oneself. Instead, it requires a willingness to recognize one’s faults and a desire to grow from them while also identifying and sharing one’s strengths for the good of others and oneself.

To be prideful is unattractive and off-putting for most people, but confidence is beautiful to others.  Find ways to express your confidence in the person you are and the characteristics you have worked to build in yourself while also building up those around you.

Express a willingness to learn and to improve, admitting when you run into a weakness or a mistake you are responsible for and then committing to doing better once you know better. Pride is stagnant, humility begets growth, and growth is positive and uplifting and often benefits those around you and yourself.

Mantras for Expressing Love to Those around You

Love is what makes the world go around, right?  Whether it be a romantic partner, family members, friends, coworkers, or the lady next to you on the subway, expressing love to people in big and small ways will brighten everyone’s world, even if just a little.

Everyone Deserves to Be Loved, Even If They Are Not Liked 

Charity and compassion for those who are different from us can be difficult.  This can be a helpful reminder for when patience runs thin.  

At some point in our lives, we all make mistakes or exhibit unappealing behaviors to other people.  In those moments, we hope that others will see us as still deserving of their love.  Why not extend the same concept and courtesy to those around us? 

Don’t Save Your Love for Later 

Living and expressing love in each moment can save us from missed opportunities or regrets and can also help us cherish each moment and make meaningful memories and connections more often.

Life is short, and often it can end unexpectedly, leaving us with regrets and heartbreak.  If we take advantage of as many opportunities to show our love and appreciation for those closest to us, then we can minimize the risk of living a life of regrets. 

My Heart Only Grows in Capacity to Love

Luckily, love is not something that we run out of but can be fed and expressed continually, growing in capacity with each new experience and relationship.  We find within ourselves that love is a choice and as we choose it, it can multiply.  

There is no limit of space in our hearts.  If our hearts are open to love, we will find it.

These Mantras Don’t Have to Only Be for Love

Traditionally, religious and sacred mantras were used as powerful tools to focus and enlighten a spirit and mind.  They have ancient roots in many religions, such as:

  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Jainism 
  • Japanese Shingon 

In modern times, though, they are often used as affirmations, verbal manifestations of desires, and projections of energy and intention. 

Mindfulness Meditation Practice and Love

Mindfulness focuses on the here and now, and what better time to keep that energy in the present than when you are savoring each moment with a romantic partner?

Some people connect mantras with the concept of mindfulness. When one is practicing mindfulness, they attempt to bring a new level of awareness and focus to their inner self and the time, place, and environment they are currently occupying.  Adding a mantra into that practice of mindfulness can give your mind a place to linger to maintain concentration and shut out the unwanted or intrusive thoughts and feelings.

Addiction Recovery and Love

Addiction can have a substantial negative impact on your love life.  If you find yourself struggling with addiction and watching how it can often push loved ones away or makes it difficult to be in a romantic relationship, consider how mantras can be a helpful steppingstone in the process of recovery.

Mantras are included in many addiction recovery programs.  They are used as sources of strength and determination to maintain a level of sobriety and resistance to temptation.  They can serve as a reminder for those recovering from an addiction that keeps them focused on the future and not on their present desires or frustrations.  

Mental Health Struggles and Love

If you feel that your mental health struggles are negatively impacting your relationship or your ability to be involved romantically with someone, many people have found that mantras can help treat and manage mental health struggles. 

They are found in many programs engaged in promoting good mental health and awareness.  Many of those struggling with mental health disorders or conditions are advised to incorporate positive affirmations and mantras into their daily routines to help keep a sense of: 

  • Calm during waves of anxiety
  • Purpose in times of depression
  • Grounding in times of turmoil
  • Safety in times of fear or panic  

Start Using a Love Mantra Today!

Finding the right mantra for you can be a meaningful search filled with self-discovery and inspiration.  Consider adding a love mantra into your life and watch the benefits roll in.  Contact Mama Anne if you want to get in touch with your love life and your romantic energy more thoroughly and find the love you’ve been searching for. 


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