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How to Cast Tarot Love Spells

tarot love spells

Tarot is a powerful source of insight, knowledge, and magic. It holds wisdom and influence over all spheres of life and, when used correctly, a Tarot spell can change your life. This includes your love life, and, as such, Tarot love spells are among the most powerful love spells there are. You might wonder, what do I have to know about this powerful and beautiful tradition to cast a love spell under it?

Tarot love spells are cast using a Tarot deck using the power of a love-related card or a spread of cards. The spell revolves around gathering the cards’ energies and having them influence someone’s love life. It is a vibration sent out to the universe to fulfill some desire through the cards’ inherent properties.

Tarot cards are commonly associated with divination and insight and for a good reason. Each card holds special significance and can tell much about a person’s history, wishes or future, all by itself. Given their power, it makes sense that they help to read and write one’s future with spells. In this article, you’ll find all the essential information about the Tarot, its origins, and how to cast love spells with it.

Origin of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are believed to have originated way back in the fifteenth century during the European Renaissance. The history of the cards is as mystical as the concept itself. They were initially used as regular cards for playing card games. By the end of that century Tarot cards came to be differentiated from other general cards and associated with fortune-telling and soothsaying.

Followers of the practice assert that Tarot cards, more than being a tool to predict your future, are a mirror that reflects your life and everything you may be going through during the time.

One of the many ways to interpret the Tarot deck is as a set of journeys: each suit tells a story about our personal and collective evolution. Each card is a step in a process as well as having power on their own.

Therefore, tarot cards have the potential to tap into  the moment in life and your inner self, which is kept well hidden from the outside world. Thus, it’s capable of bringing your hidden thoughts, truths, and feelings to the surface. What you do with the information, however, is totally up to you.

Tarot Cards and their Power of Divination

A Tarot deck contains 78 cards in all, out of which 22 are Major Arcana Cards and 56 are Minor Arcana Cards. The Major cards signify major or significant life events, while the Minor cards provide you with details and subtle clues regarding the substantial areas and happenings of your life.

The Tarot deck has been perceived as a mystical tool for predictions about one’s future. Tarot card readers also provide truth-seekers with the necessary guidance to overcome difficult or problematic situations in the present. Tarot cards, thus, possess the power of divination.

But did you know?

While Tarot card readers are clairvoyants they are also believed to have the power to change one’s future to a certain extent!

Wondering how?

By casting spells! Yes, by casting all kinds of spells — for money, for power, for peace, for knowledge and, of course, for love.

Ways of Casting Tarot Love Spells

By Using a Single Tarot Card

Tarot readers can cast a love spell for you by using a single Tarot card. They would usually choose one of the love cards for you. Some of the Tarot cards for love are: The Lovers, The Empress, Two of Cups, Ace of Cups, etc. Cups’ suit is closely related to the emotional aspects of one’s life and personality, so it’s ideal for most Tarot love spells.

A reader picks any one of these cards for casting a love spell for you. A spell is cast by placing the card in the center of a well-demarcated zone on the Tarot table. Then, the reader invokes the holy spirits and divine energies to seek their grace.

Then, he/she would meditate for a while, focus on the love card and articulate your desire, usually in the form of some rhyme or verse with a certain rhythm. Those verse lines would be repeated several times to cast a love spell for you. This is similar to creating or using a mantra, which is a powerful way to aid in any love spell casting.

By Using a 3-Card Tarot Spread

A Tarot reader can also cast a powerful love spell by using a spread of three love cards. Why three?

The three cards signify your past, present, and future, with respect to your love life. For someone wishing to reunite with their ex, the reader would focus on the card representing their past. If you desire to improve your current relationship, the card symbolizing your present would be focused upon. And, if you want to win someone’s love soon, the card referring to your future would be taken into consideration for casting the love spell.

By Using a Spread of Ten Cards

The Tarot reader can cast a love spell for you with the help of a spread of ten Tarot cards that stand for all positive things of life: love, growth, prosperity, joy, and victory. Having invoked the blessings of the supreme energy in control of the universe, the reader will choose ten such cards from the deck and shuffle them for a while.

Then, the cards are randomly picked one by one and placed on the Tarot table in some sequence signifying a pattern of past, present, and future events. Based on the design of cards, the reader will give you a glimpse into the past, present, and future of your love life. If you are happy with the revelation, the reader will cast a love spell to make it come true.

But what if you’re not happy? Well, then the reader will pick the best card out of the lot and place it in the center of the Tarot spell zone. He/she will then meditate upon the card and convey your romantic desire to the universe so it gets fulfilled sooner rather than later.

Cards Most Commonly Associated With Love Spells

Each card has a special meaning, as well as a particular way to interpret and influence everything around you. However, you should know they aren’t necessarily bound to a specific effect. A card you never expected can be the most useful for your situation!

Everything depends on what you wish for and how you want to approach any given problem you’re facing. The most powerful card for a Tarot love spell might as well be one more associated with work, rather than love.

That’s because you may want the strength to fight for a peaceful home, rather than a rekindling of an old love. Always look within to find the real source of your anxieties and desires, so that the spell works in your favor.

That said, there are a few cards that are generally associated with love and that you should look out for first when casting a Tarot love spell:

The Lovers

Goes without saying. This Major Arcana is very much about love and every aspect of a relationship. Using it to cast a love spell draws the most powerful possible energy for it. However, it’s also a little non-specific. Use it as a framework, guiding and watching over the other cards in a spread.

Ace of Cups

As said beforehand, each suit can be interpreted as related to one aspect or a life journey. The suit of cups represents, influences and guards your emotional side. Thus, the Ace of Cups is the ideal card to bring in fresh starts in love.

Two of Cups

The Two of Cups works as something of a mini-The Lovers, representing the strong bond between two people. However, it’s a little more specific, in that it carries energy more related to people getting along nicely after they meet each other.

Ten of Cups

At the end of the journey in Cups’ suit, the Ten of Cups represents a family in blissful harmony. It acknowledges the obstacles in making a cozy home but brings about the necessary wisdom and patience to overcome them.

Four of Wands

A card that brings about feelings and situations of celebration and joy. It’s related to receiving the fruits of your hard labor. In the context of a love spell, the Four of Wands indicates the shared joy of commiting to a relationship.

The Empress

A Major Arcana that is closely related to sensuality, motherhood and beauty. Using it focuses your spread on a deep, long-lasting connection between you and your partner.

Making the Tarot Love Spell More Effective

By Lighting Candles

Candles are almost always looked upon as magical tools for casting a love spell. They indeed work like magic! To cast love spells, the below candles are used:

●                 Red, pink and purple candles for sensual and passionate love

●                 Yellow and orange candles for a relationship that brings joy and prosperity

●                 White candles for pure and peaceful romantic bond

The respective candle is lit just beside or before the chosen love card and the spell is cast. The energy radiated by the candle renders power to the love spell. You can etch the symbol of your sun sign, your name, your partner’s name, or any holy symbol on the candle’s body to make the spell more impactful. Make sure you don’t put out the candle after the ritual is done. Keep the flame burning till the candle burns down.

By Using Perfume, Roses, Ribbons, and Balloons

You may also use your beloved’s favorite perfume, red or pink roses, ribbons, and heart-shaped balloons for performing the ritual of casting a love spell. You need to connect with him/her telepathically and emotionally during the spell.

By Following the Waxing and Waning Phase of the Moon

If you want to cast a love spell to unite with your beloved, you need to perform the ritual during the waxing phase of the moon, i.e., when the moon eventually grows into a full moon. On the contrary, break-up spells are performed during the waning phase of the moon.

Contacting a Specialist in Tarot Love Spells

If you wish to cast any kind of Tarot spell, you should be respectful to its power and history, as is the case with Oracle. Besides, be aware that Tarot cards may carry positive as well as negative meanings. Tarot love spells are cast by people who were gifted or learnt Tarot card reading.

Contact Mama Anne if you have any doubts about using a particular card, a specific spread or how to perform a love ritual. She’s available via WhatsApp and Email, and is ready to answer any questions you may have about using Tarot to achieve the love you wish for and deserve.


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