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5 Love Spell Incantations to Get Him Back!

Ending a relationship with someone that you still love can be incredibly painful, and you might not know what to do to get him back in your life. If you don’t know where to direct all your energy and pain, it can be helpful and healing to use a love spell incantation to direct your intentions, hopes, and dreams for your lost love into the world.

Keep reading to learn 5 love spell incantations that can help bring your lost love back into your life. If it is meant to be, using one of these love spells may be what helps him find his way back to you.

A Wiccan Love Spell to Reconnect After Drifting Apart

Many relationships falter when two people lose their connection to one another. Using a reconciliation spell, you can help your relationship reestablish itself as it once was.

While the words you say help you channel your intentions for the relationship going forward, preparing for a spell is equally important.

Clear Your Mind and Picture Your Goal

Before repeating this incantation, make sure to meditate and clear your mind of distracting thoughts. How effective a love spell is, is completely dependent on your state of mind and goals when reciting an incantation. You need to be relaxed and focused on the task at hand for the process to be effective and manifest the result that you want.

Once your mind is clear, and your attention is focused properly, you can start to envision the loved one you want to win back. Envision the attributes that you most appreciate and imagine the kind of relationship that you want to return to your life.

Use Spell Ingredients and Recite the Incantation

For this spell, you must have:

  • A bowl
  • Warm water
  • A key
  • Salt
  • Fresh rosemary
  • A foot-long piece of string

When you’re ready, you’ll need to prepare the necessary ingredients for this spell. First, you need to fill a small bowl with warm water. Then, you can add two pinches of salt and some fresh rosemary to the warm water.

As you stir ingredients together, continue to envision your lost love and the type of relationship that you want to reestablish with them. While you continue to focus on these images and feelings, recite the following words:

‘The waters now ripple, but then they’ll be still. Our love will see calm, we will see eye to eye. Be still, rippling water, so that our troubles come to nil.’

Next, hold the key over the water while repeating the incantation. Continue to do this until you see that the water has become completely still. You’ll then need to loop the key onto your piece of string so that you can wear it around your neck.

How to Ensure the Spell Is Effective

All spells are powered by your focus and your intentions. Wearing the key around your neck will amplify the effects of this incantation because it keeps you focused on your intentions.

Continue to wear the key around your neck for three days after you cast this reconciliation spell. Then, each time that you touch, see or feel the key, channel the same focus and motivations that you envision while casting the spell.

A White Magic Spell to Rekindle a Lost Love 

For this spell, you will rely on the power of white magic and will need to utilize the following ingredients:

  • A photo of your lost love
  • A photo of yourself with a smile on your face
  • Two white candles
  • A teapot or bowl
  • Blue cloth/fabric

For White Magic Spells, Ingredients Matter

Although your intentions and mindset are the most powerful forces behind spells and their incantations, white magic spells, in particular, are most effective when used with the prescribed ingredients.

In the previous incantation spell, the ingredients’ primary purpose is to channel the energy you’re putting into the incantation; in contrast, white magic spells like this one require specific ingredients for a reason.

For example, while you can perform this spell without a photo of your lost love or yourself, the results of the spell will likely be less effective. Having a visual representation of the spell’s “targets” plays an important role in how focused your energy is on the outcome of a spell. Many white magic spells involve the use of photographs for a reason.

Additionally, the white candles and blue cloth used in this spell have special significance, as color is a very powerful factor in white magic.

White items are often used as a staple in white magic spells because the color represents a blank state or fresh starting point. As you can imagine, this is important when trying to connect with a partner with whom you may have split over disagreements or misunderstandings. 

Blue is associated with 

  • peace, 
  • protection, 
  • communication, and 
  • clarity, 

All of these attributes are important to reconnecting with a former partner. Using blue items in a spell also ensures that your intentions are communicated clearly as you recite the incantation.

How to Cast this Love Spell

You’ll need to start this spell at 8:00 PM, at which time you need to light each of the white candles you’ve brought. Then, make sure to start taking deep breathes and relax, so you get into the right mental state for the spell.

Much like the previous spell, you want to envision the happy memories and relationship you had in the past. Focus on these thoughts as you pick up the photograph you’ve brought of your lost love.

As you hold their image, repeat the following incantation:

‘By this flame of white light, your desire will soar and flare. When I say your name, of my fire shall you be aware. So mote it be.’

Then, say your lost love’s name three times. Finally, place your picture on the blue cloth, lay your former partner’s picture down on top of it, and then wrap the blue cloth around them both. Take your bundle and place them in a safe place while you wait for the spell to take effect. 

For the next week or so, you’ll want to light the same candles every night at the same time and recite your lost love’s name three times. If you miss any days or don’t feel the effects have taken place, you can recast the spell again to hopefully get better results.

An Ingredient-Free Love Spell to Reattract Your Love

As with the other spells in this list, the first step is always to clear your mind. Because this spell doesn’t rely on the use of any ingredients, it is especially important that you find a comfortable and relaxing place to sit and prepare yourself to recite this incantation.

When your mind is clear of all other distractions, begin to focus on the person whose attraction and attention that you are seeking. You will need to focus on the attributes that make this person unique, especially those traits and attributes that make them someone special to you.

Imagine your former partner in a specific scenario where you can visualize him clearly. For example, think about the first time you met or a recent meaningful moment that you shared. That will help you anchor him in your mind and focus your energy on your intentions as well.

Reciting the Incantation

You’ll know that you’re ready to cast the spell and recite the following incantation when you can feel the presence of your desired partner. Then, repeat these words as you focus wholly on those feelings and imagine that you are speaking directly to him while he holds your hands in his:

My dear [name], be with me and hold my hand. Let my love flow through you and come back to me by your voice. Join me and my journey, and I’ll join you in yours. [Name], let us learn of each other and grow together as one. Mote it be.

A Personalized Incantation Recited at a Love Altar

For this kind of incantation, you won’t need to use a specific spell or type of magic. Instead, you will be harnessing the power of your mental focus and intentions to bring about the kinds of changes in your love life that you want.

The best aspect of learning how to perform this kind of incantation is that it allows you to become more in touch with your internal self. Additionally, once you learn the process, you can adapt it to any kind of issue in your love life that you want, rather than just for getting your former partner back.

This will be especially helpful to prevent any of the same kinds of miscommunications, disagreements, or tensions that may have led to your initial separation.

Setting up Your Love Altar

Many people hear the word “altar” and think that using one for a love spell has to do with some kind of religious ceremony or worship. However, in this case, an altar is simply a focus point for your intentions, a place where you can manifest the results that you want to see from your incantation.

Your love altar can take any form that you want, but above all, it should feel like yours. Design it however feels right to you and make sure to put it in a personal place that is full of your energy and spirit, such as your bedroom or another place of relaxation in your home. Doing so will allow you to imbued positive intentions, thoughts, and feelings into the altar as you recite any incantations that you create in the future.

Make sure that you have a relatively flat surface on the top of your altar so that you can place important talismans on it. These talismans will help anchor your thoughts when you’re focusing on a specific goal or result. 

When your altar is ready, apply a smudge stick of dried herbs (such as cedar) to the surface and wipe it clean with any type of cleansing water of your choice. This will remove any negative energy from on or around the altar, so you will be ready to recite your love incantation there.

Creating Your Own Personal Incantation

When creating a love incantation to win back your lost love, you need to focus on words and thoughts that are intensely personal and meaningful to you. You can use different words or phrases to bless the altar and prepare it for a specific incantation, or you can use the same words and instead shift your intentions and focus as needed.

Creating specific phrases or sentences to attract your former partner or love back into your life can help you get into the right mindset. Take your time to be as creative and expressive as you want while writing your personal incantation.

The time and attention that you give to creating the right altar and incantation will make the results of reciting it that much more powerful. This approach bears down the spell casting process to its essence, which is the power of your mind and will to define the future that you want when you let your intuition and spirit guide you.

A Spell Using Moon and Quartz to Reignite Feelings of Love

This is another white magic spell that requires rather specific execution to complete. Once again, the ingredients that you’ll need to use are important to the success of the rite, but so is the timing.

Prepare to cast this spell during the waxing moon, sometimes referred to as the crescent moon.

Even if you’re not familiar with the lunar cycle, you likely know that a crescent moon refers to when the moon is less than half full. However, the waxing moon specifically refers to the period during the lunar cycle between full-moon and half-moon. The waxing moon period occurs during the first half of a lunar cycle.

When the timing is right for you to cast this spell, gather the following ingredients:

  • A beloved object
  • An item belonging to your former partner
  • 3 red candles
  • Pink quartz
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • A white envelope

Before you begin the love spell, you will need to imbue your energy into the pink crystal by carrying it on your person for some time.

Casting the Love Spell

First, you will place the three candles in the shape of a triangle on the floor. As you place each candle, repeat your name and your former partner’s name to prepare them for the spell.

In the center of the triangle you’ve just made, lay the two objects you’ve collected for the spell, a sentimental item that belongs to you and any item belonging to your former partner that you have on hand. Having these two items in the middle of the candles will draw in both of your energies as you cast the spell. Then, recite the following incantation:

“This object before me is now a sacred tool dedicated to love. It shall be a symbol and a catalyst for passion and affection.”

At this point, you will take the pink crystal that you have carried with you and hold it in your hand as you light the three candles. Now, focus on the outcome you want with your lost love, envisioning the connection and relationship you wish to have with him once again.

After focusing on these thoughts, take the pen and paper and write a letter to your former partner. Explain why you want them back in your life and how much you will cherish the relationship you want to have with him again. Place the completed letter in the white envelope and say out loud, “Why should you be with me?”

Once you’ve done this, answer the question aloud, read the letter you have written. You will need to read the letter three times to complete this part of the process, after which you will need to burn the letter. Make sure to do so carefully, in a safe location.

Finally, allow the three red candles to burn to completion, at which point the ritual will be finished. However, the work of the spell will not be done yet, so you need to take the objects that you placed in between the triangle of candles. Keep these objects in a secure place, and continue to keep the pink quartz on your person until you feel the effects of the spell.


Choosing the right spell for you will depend on your needs and experience. Whichever path you take, make sure that you meditate and clear your mind before starting a spell. If your thoughts are not focused when you start, don’t feel rushed and pressured to proceed.

Remember, spells of any kind, but especially for lost love, are only as effective as your intentions. Using the right ingredients, incantations, and intentions, you can use love spells to communicate your will into the world. Learn more about how to use these love spell incantations and more from Mama Anne and exercise your magic in your own life today.


I'm Mama Anne from Uganda, the owner of this website and a traditional healer with over 40 years of experience. I specialize in love spells and am well versed in all kinds of magic that can help people worldwide find the love they wish for and deserve. The first time I learned about my innate psychic and spiritual ability was when I was still a child, looking into an old mirror whose owner had died. I found out that I could communicate with the mirror's late owner, and my grandmother noticed the talent. Then, I was brought up learning about the magic in the world and how it can help people. There is love at the center of it all, and I understand the importance of love for everyone.

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